Zviewer with NVR Issues, Please help!

Hello, I have a ZM-KW0001-1TB that has the 4 720p outdoor wireless cameras. I recently downloaded the latest version of Zviewer and when I select add device by a auto scan of my LAN, the NVR and all 4 cameras come up, each with there own separate IP for a total of 5 items. If I add the 4 cameras that way I am able to view them, but not the NVR. When I try to edit the NVR it always fails and I’m guessing this is due to me setting a different password. If I add it through IP search, I am able to put in the correct password and it adds it and the 4 cameras are there when i click the + sign next to the NVR, but when I try to add them to a viewing box in Zviewer, it doesn’t show the video feed. The weird thing is I have BWmeter installed for monitoring bandwidth and my local bandwidth is being used just as if I were viewing the cameras if I add them in IP Search.