Zviewer on mobile doesn't work


I have a 4ch IP sPOE system from zmodo and can’t get the zviewer to work. It only says reconnecting all the time. The zviewer on PC works perfectly. The ports are set correctly for mobile (9000) and I verified it’s open. I can’t even view it when i’m on the same LAN connecting directly.

  • My friend has a older analog zmodo 4ch system and zviewer used to work properly only the last month or so it works only at night! Weird.

Is there a problem with the Zviewer app? Zsight and Meshare apps works only occasionally and aren’t reliable + can’t view multiple cameras at once.

Please help. Thank you

The newer firmware versions for the 4ch IP sPoE systems have introduced an encryption that is not supported within the Zviewer software.


Please consider supporting Zviewer for PC. If not, please advise as to how get a rollback to a firmware version that will allow its use.
Thank you.

My ZMODO app has not been working at all for 2 days.it keeps saying the device is offline . I came home rebooted the router and reset the DVR and it was working again the after a few hours back to the same problem. I have even cleared the hard drive. Running out of options here . Please if anyone has another way to fix I can use it right now. Everything seems to have happened within the last few days

Mine did that for over a year. I gave up until I found app IP CAMERA VIEWER Its worked great I also bought a static ip from phone company No more problems since Everytime ip changed everything would quit working Not anymore Knock on wood

I’ve found out that the best app to use instead of Zviewer is tinyCam. IP Cam viewer doesn’t suit me because you can’t play realtime all channels. With tinyCam you can view all channels in realtime just like zviewer. Only con is that the resolution is somewhat lower and I can’t figure out how to enable microphone audio.

I cant seem to find tinyCam I wanted to check it out