Zviewer app - viewing two devices at once; problem with tiling images


I recently added a second zmodo device to the zviewer app. I was able to view both devices (from different locations) using the app at the same time, but when I attempted to reassign a view back to the first device, the image was small and tiled. It is as if the new device has a higher resolution, and the app cannot clear the settings of the new device on that individual view (the lower right view square for example). I am no longer able to view the first device images at full screen.

How do I fix this issue?


What is the SKU# of the system?


The issue seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for responding.

Where would I find the SKU#? (I have disposed of the box.)


Typically the SKU# will be on the back or side of cameras, and the bottom of NVRs/DVRs