(Zview) Camera is shown in Lan-network but does not connect

Hi there,
I have just installed Zviewer on my computer.
Now i searched my Lan network to connect the DVR and 4 ip-cams but it does not work.
I scan the Lan-network for all devices and there are all appear within seconds, afterwards I try to add them to the list, it says “Add Device Successfully” but nothing happens. Same with all 4 cameras and the DVR .
I have absolutely no more ideas to solve this problem.

I’m connected to the same router and even over IP or ID I couldn’t get it working.

I’m sorry for my terrific grammar and language.

After adding, you have to click on the plus sign in the list next to the added device, and then double click on the channel you want to open. That should bring up the cameras if they were added.

If you are still having problems, what is the SKU# of the system you are using?

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Sorry but that didn’t helped me, the problem is that I can’t add them.

Hope this makes it more clear. I see them in the network, I click add, it says success, however nothing happens.

Thank you for your help !

What are the local IP and gateway address for the PC that you are using?
Usually when it give the message of device added, but doesn’t add, it indicates that the cameras are addressed incorrectly for the router being used.

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OK some of my friends and I got it figured out. Now all works for me even if I can’t add the devices on my pc, it works on seemingly all other devices and pc’s.

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Hi, ccan tell us what he did? that might help others (including me) thanks

Hey guys. I am able to got my ZM-W0002 camera working again…
the issue was the camera was connected to my network, but I wasn’t able to add new device on the app., Now I can able to see my device on the app and pc…
let me know if i can help