Zsight and meshare "device offline"?

I have had a zmodo 4ch NVR 720P system ZM-SS714 hooked up to my router for 9 months and have been using both zsight and meshare to monitor the cameras remotely. A few days ago both apps suddenly report the message “device offline” where the camera images usually appear. It is apparent that this is not true. As I swipe through the different cameras and load them I will eventually get the stream to load for each camera. (THIS happens on wifi only). This tells me the devices ARE online and there is something else going on. However, when I try to access the video stream using either app over 3g/4g I will not get a video to load. The apps and system have worked wonderfully for months and now the apps are next to useless. No updates or settings have been changed to the best of my knowledge to cause this to happen. Please advise ideas or suggestions.

I have the same problem. Looking for a solution.

my zsight app did the same over the weekend. I had to manually allow the recording device my firewall to get it working again.

I have the same problem been trying to delete the app from ipad (Zsight) then reinstall but get message when trying to re add the DVR’s - device is already linked to another a… fill in the blank yourself cause it never completes the sentence. Completely screwed now.

I have exactly the same problem.

I have the same issue: 2 are visible/playing, the third one is offline on Meshare, but internal fully working…

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Zmodo tech support - where are you ???


I have a LG smart phone, that Zsight has never been compatible with. Have been waiting on a version that would work, but doesn’t seem that one will ever be available. For that reason and as a surveillance dealer, I have never ordered any of the Zmodo QR Code DVR’s. Wish that the old ZMD-DD-SBN8 model would become available again. Have to use the SBN6, no matter the number of camera’s, so that my customers can use their smart phone (no matter what it is) to access their systems.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one, stated this a couple days ago.

Is there ever any reply from tech support?

Is your building IP static? The modem and router could have reset, requiring the cameras to need refreshing within the router, and the modem might have a new IP.
Check your building IP (how the web knows your modem) at whatismyip.com, and compare that number to what is in the app for the stream.

I also have no been able to get zsight or me share to work they say offline. Whats going on ?

I have the same issue. Initially I managed to fix it by shutting down the system and starting it back up again, but less than a day later and it’s all gone offline again. I can only access the cameras from the same wifi network, I can’t access it from a cellular data connection or a different wifi connection.

Having the same issue. I thought it was that I had to reset my home router but seems like it’s a more wide spread issue. I can load the cameras when connected to home wifi but not outside of my network.

so disappointing…i just bought a second zmodo system and will have to consider sending it back.

It seems that many users having same problem, included myself, but got no responds from zmodo tech.

Another thread:

Device offline message

Rebooting the device will bring it back online

Rebooting brings it back online, however this is the 3rd day in a row my cameras are offline.

I have the same problem for more than one week. The Zsight and FunLux application are running only on the same network.

Yes, rebooting might fix the problem temporary but the next day it will go offline again. I believe this has to do with the new update they rolled out recently. Please fix this asap Zmodo

Zsigjt app no longer working after recent Zsight software update, cameras now disply “cameras offline” when they are not. I can only view when connected to my wifi network but not able to view over cellular. Uninstalled zsight app now im unale to download it get error (194). Please fix the app. It has worked fine for months until the last app update.