Zsight alerts not showing snapshot just empty box with timestamp

Since the Zsight app had the server problem the other day my alerts are not showing the snapshot on my iPhone this seem to be OK on meshare using my Macbook, I have rest everything and still have the problem. Any suggestions ?

Hi… I just posted this to another thread… I had the same issue… seems like a good fit for your problem…

““Hi… I know this didn’t work for you but it might for others who are having the same experience. I had this on the iPhone 6 after the recent server maintenance outage. The fix was to de-install then re-install Z-sight from the phone and power cycle my NVR.””


This issue was caused by the server maintenance. Everything should be back up and running now, including the picture snapshots in Zsight. If you still continue to have issues, try force closing the Zsight app, then rebooting the phone. This should reset the connection between Zsight and our server.

I have this same issue for4 months now and can’t fix it. It happening on the 2 cameras I have connected. Video works fine but motion detected pictures are all blank.

Begin using the Zmodo app instead of the Zsight app.