ZP-NE14-S No alerts on new app and website platforms

Now that both the Zmodo and meShare apps and websites have updated I am receiving absolutely no motion alerts at all. I had just spent time 2 days prior to reset the NVR and start from scratch because of the same issues which then allowed me to receive alerts only on the older meShare website and app.
The websites and apps now show 0 alerts or I receive a PHP error page.
Where Zmodo has not released firmware updates to re-enable email alerts after over 2 years and this 1st hardware revision of the NVR is not compatible with the cloud service (not that I would pay for it regardless) this leaves the system near useless for offsite backup of alerts if a situation were to occur and the unit were destroyed or stolen from the location. (Security our number one priority? Obviously not!)
Are they aware of these issues and are they working to rectify them?

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Same problem here. Please could you add support for older cameras to recieve alerts in the new app just like it was before. Thank you

5-27-2018 - My Samsung Galaxy S8 automatically updated it’s software a couple of days ago and MeShare would no longer work with it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that would help. It still doesn’t work. Is there another app that does the same thing?

The notification/alert function has stopped working for me also. On Friday I reset my mode settings to edit them and alerts have not worked since. Notification settings are all as they should be. Phone is a Galaxy S5. Thanks.

Same problem!!! I sent a chat message on this issue, but they did not answer. I am iPhone user. Please enable the old version of zmodo or one of meShare. This meShare update does not get any alerts anymore.

Same problem.

Having such problems and with no remedy in sight certainly diminishes the probability of us ever paying for cloud service.

Just spoke to a customer service rep who said the ZP-NE14-S alerting got pushed to the old Zsight app. MeShare and Zmodo apps no longer support alerts to this device.

I have tested the app and alerts are coming in.

Edit: Unable to get HD video while viewing video remotely. Also cant get video to work over cellular (tmobile). Zsight is still a HUGE battery drain.

Zsight not working for me in iOS, I can see the notifications in the list, but im not getting the notification when the alert happens.