ZP-NE14-S Format hard drive outside of the NVR


Following on from my request to Zmodo support Here I tried to reformat the hard drive using the “format” option built into the menu.

I’ve tried 3 times now, with and without the cameras connected, but on automatically rebooting I can still see all my old recordings from before 12 days ago (when my auto-update issue started). The menu is showing the drive as having 0.5Gb free.

I’d like to clear down all the files on the hard drive but it appears the reformat isn’t doing its job.

So, if I remove the 1Tb hard drive from the ZP-NE14-S box, how do I reformat it manually under Windows 10? Is that even possible?

Hard drive in ZP-NE14-S became not formatted?

yes remove the drive. hook it up to windows via a USB -Hard Drive Connector. you might have to go in windows disk management to recognize the drive and format it. once done put it back in your box and let it format it again.


Tried this earlier today. Windows disk management can see the drive but will not let me format it - I think the only option was to create a basic disk, so I didnt go any further.


try a free 3rd party windows formatter: EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition.


What file system does it need to be? NTFS? FAT32? EXT4?

I’m ignorant when it comes to these things.

Think I’ll just go with a Win10 conversion to basic disk then let the NVR try and format it again.


Yep, that worked. (Under Windows 10) deleted the volume then created a basic disk, then formatted it as NTFS.

Put it back in the NVR and it asked me to format it. After a reboot, all my recording abilities have returned.

@bravoland - thanks for giving me some confidence to do this. Appreciated mate. :ok_man:

HDD will not refresh or format