ZP-NE14-S auto upgrade


Hello, is it possible that someone share with me the old firmware v40.0.2.17?
I contacted zmodo support but no answer :-/




I sent you a private message


@shambles would you be able to message me, I need to firmware file.


PM me your email address


@shambles I don’t think I have that option, can you PM me and I’ll reply?


Done. Hope it works for you.


another update seems to affected my system (NVR) rolled back again


Really? My version remains at V40.0.2.7

Then again, I dissociated my NVR details from my online Zmodo account. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been “upgraded”.


Can someone please make available to me the ZP-NE14-S V40.0.2.17 or 18 whatever I need to rollback my f/w from current that is messed up?