ZP-NE14-S auto upgrade


Sadly, that contradicts what @Patty said was happening.


Shambles, de-registering your unit from your zmodo account did prevent auto-updates?


Seems so. I’ve had no update today.


That’s a good news.
Let us see if it keeps working for the next days… at least to validate or not the theory ;-p


So it seems any settings we play with do not affect updating. Possibly the only thing that affects updating is registering with Zmodo.

The problem is I like using other software to view and even make redundant backups (Xeoma) and my wife likes meshare as it’s a quick and easy look see. I used to have both and my alternative views were far more reliable than meshare.


Today I successfully revert back my first unit (the one that received the autoupdate) to the previous state.
Port 80 and web management are working again. WoW!
Since the different hardware version I needed a different firmware version that zmodo support team provided on the second attempt (I had v40.4.2.10 and went back to v40.4.0.8)
Luckely the fw they provided me on the first attempt was not accepted by the NVR (so NVR was safe).
I will keep this unit as a spare NVR in the case the working unit will stop working for ANY reason.

Standing on zmodo the new firmware fixed some security issue related to the port 8000, encrypting the video streams.
Then I want to underline for those security reasons and to also prevent autoupdates I didn’t register my old firmwared unit in zmodo cloud service and I’m using it just on my internal LAN. Upnp in network settings is also disabled.


I think the updates are all about forcing us to use their cloud, and not about any real security issue. So many other vendors still run on similar ports with no problem. I think it is just a way for them to justify the changes to end users. It really wouldn’t have gone over well if they just said " We changed it to force you to use our cloud system, have a nice day"


Maybe, or maybe not…
Of course crypting the video streams will cut out all other 3rd party apps but… as far as I know from recent news I read here somewhere in the forum, they are developing a new version of ZViewer that will support encrypted video streams. So in this case the local view will be safe preventing the fact to be forced to go to the cloud.
Will remain the matter about the port 80 and the Active-x used in IE. It would be nice if they will go to update even the Active-x to support encrypted video streams and then to open the port 80 again for both viewing and web configuration.
Everybody will be happy (and safe)! :slight_smile:


Correct, I haven’t registered my new unit either. I also just ordered an 8ch, 4 camera unit. Though I don’t know what the base unit will be until it arrives in a day or two.


I wonder if they changed something. Mine is still registered, and now I have gone 4 days without it auto upgrading.


Its getting to the lawsuit point if they don’t stay out of my equipment. If I can get into my remote PC I am going to run a wireshark trace on the network 24/7 but since it seems the daily upgrades have ended Zmodo might have stopped their daily intrusions.


Is it possible you can send me the older firmware? I am having the same issue as everyone… my email is the user handle at the g mail… Many thanks. Going to have to restrict the router to only accept certain Mac addresses to go to the NVR


I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but Zmodo being a Chinese company, maybe they are just used to auto-updating products without an owner’s permission. I don’t think consumer protection laws are strong in China compared to the USA so maybe this kind of practice is acceptable there. I would be surprised if they got any input from a legal department on whether this kind of practice would be acceptable here because I’m sure any competent lawyer would have warned them not to do this.

That being said, I’ll keep my Zmodo running for the time being, but I’m starting to look for a replacement from another company. I’m very shocked how a company can apply a firmware to a customer’s product without permission. What if such a firmware update had bricked the product? And I’m sure that the update would have caused an outage to apply the firmware so what if that took place when something bad happened that should have been recorded? After Zmodo does this once, they can do it again whenever they feel like it. I would like to see a clear policy from them on whether they are allowed to this anytime they want, but I pretty much lost all trust in this company.


Not defending the business practices of ZMODO, but many manufacturers use auto updates and require them in order to maintain “warranty” service. My VIZIO and Samsung TVs auto-update w/ no user input…

I think in devices which are typically set-and-forget like IP cams, “smart” devices and TVs which can cause massive issues when compromised (think IoT DOS attacks) the manufacturers have an obligation to secure their products. Now ZMODO should have informed its customers prior to implementing any drastic changes in the way the product functions so that this cyber-outrage could have been avoided.


Issue is not the Automatic Upgrade… The issue is loss of features.
Before the NVR was accessible via browser using port mapping, no longer has that feature.

An update is done to add and improve features, not to remove.

I’ve been talking with a lawyer, and he said these are grounds for Class Action Suit; he is researching the case him self.


Right, the issue is not the auto-update itself.
Nobody would complain if all the features were kept or, even better, improved in their security.
Since some basic and important features were cut out without the users agreement, of course people started to complain and to protect themselves from auto-updates not to have their devices totally useless for the use they were common to have.
Imagine how many people are using their NVR inside their shops or offices all day long for constant monitoring.
Of course for them is not acceptable to use the zmodo cloud service saturating the internet badwidth.
Zmodo should understand this.
IMHO there was no sense to close port 80, web management, browser viewing and ZView.


My system completely stopped working several weeks ago showing all cameras Offline. It looks as though my system was auto-updated about the time everything stopped. Unable to get it working again even after completely resetting and starting from scratch. It can see the cameras but still shows every one offline. Looks like the update process may have been used to make older systems obsolete to sell new equipment. Anyone with similar issues with any resolution?


I have the same problem with FW, I can’t do any thing. IE can’t Work, Zsight can’t see any things.
I search through all forum don’t have any methol to resolve this.
Zmodo please support about this FW,
Thanks alot


Switch to the newer software, user.zmodo.com for computer based viewing, and the Zmodo app for the smartphone.


Has Zviewer been fixed so it remembers the screen layout?