ZP-NE14-S auto upgrade


I downgraded my ZP-NE14-S from V40.0.3.0 to V40.0.2.18 in order to view the video footage on my pc. It worked well for two months. However, I found out two days ago that the system upgraded itself back to V40.0.3.0 at 2am. I downgraded and the system upgraded around the same time again to V40.0.3.0.

How to prevent the system upgrading?


Same here.

Zmodo needs to understand that pushing unsolicited updates to devices, without consent, constitutes wire fraud - bordering on hacking.

My NVR is no longer usable for the features for which I originally purchased it.


I had to configure my device to not have internet access. This really is inconvenient. I’m going to change my review on Amazon to 1 star.


Hmm, and that explains all the problems I’ve had over the last few days. I just checked and sure enough I’m been auto-updated. So…

Can someone please explain the procedure to go back to and how to get 40.02.18.

I agree, shambles. The NVR is no longer usable as it was marketed to me. And that’s what bother’s me more than anything else.


I’m working on restoring my unit from it’s non booting state via uboot. I found the serial terminal interface and am trying to find my way around. I’ve messed with restoring some routers before, but nothing like this. I don’t have experience with JFFS2 and am worried about writing the file to the wrong location in memory. So I’m first trying to see if I can take full backup of the 16mb flash chip.

I’d like to mount this downgrade file using MTD loopback in linux and look at the structure to see what all is included, but like I said this is new territory for me.


Download the firmware (email me - I can send it to you) and put it on a FAT-formatted USB drive. Plug the drive into the NVR (only the upper USB socket works for me) then enter the setup for the device. Go to System settings and click the Upgrade System button. It’ll find the new firmware and “upgrade” the system to a more usable state.

It’s the second time I’ve had to do this, to restore functionality. If Zmodo operated from the UK I’d consult a solicitor to see where I stand on having my device changed without my consent.


Well if mine hasn’t updated again.


Will a Zmodo rep please elaborate on the update mechanism. Is my box calling out or is Zmodo pushing the update?


Your box is calling out to the P2P server and then the server is indicating to the system that an update is necessary, and then the system is pulling the update.


Thank you.

What’s the best way of preventing this unwanted update? My router doesn’t have the facility to block specific outbound addresses.


We recommend against attempting to prevent the update. I am only able to help within the scope of our support.


I understand, but as it stands my system has lost functionality and as with all other software/hardware products I own, I’d like the option to defer or prevent automatic updates. Look what happened with Windows 10 Anniversary edition - Microsoft admitted the system should not update without the users consent.

Can you give me the name of a manager with whom I could start a discussion on this, please?


You will want to call or email our support team directly. We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm CST, and can be reached at 217-903-5037. Our email is support@zmodo.com


This is ridiculous… It took me a month and 20+ emails to get the v40.0.2.18 firmware to restore the functionality of the unit. Now every other night it is auto updating. Once it does the unit is a useless device that should be thrown in the garbage. Please let us know a way to stop this update or what TCP/UDP port is used for the upgrade check so I can block it in my router.



It would appear that new latest “forced upgrade” no longer allows regression to a former firmware revision.

After 3 attempts to reinstall v40.0.2.17 my system remains at V40.0.3.02

My god, Zmodo, you’ve got a nerve…


I had trouble doing it with USB and the NVR’s interface… I was able to do it this morning using Zviewer. Right click on your NVR, go to remote settings. Then go to advanced, then update, and click manually update. Then you can just choose the file from your computer.


Thanks, but I don’t have anything called zviewer. I’m sat here trying to view recordings over my lan using the advertised IE interface, and while I can see my individual cameras I cannot access the NVR.

I’ve done this regression thing many times now but only today is it refusing to update the device.

I’ve written to Zmodo support about this farce,


Go to http://surveillance.zmodo.com/support-software and at the bottom there is a button to download zviewer. It is what I use to watch the NVR on my LAN most of the time. I have had better luck downgrading through it.


I’ll give that a go, thanks.


Thanks, buddy. That seems to have done the trick. I can see from my recordings that the update occurred at 14:00 UK (BST) time, because after that they’re encrypted and my revised/operational firmware can’t play them.

So, until tomorrow…


Hi guys, I’m in the same situation.
I knew about the issue related to the new firmware and I never perform the upgrade… BUT, 3 days ago I was not able to reach my NVR via Internet Explorer.
Since the symptoms were the same I checked and discovered the system updated itself!
So I wrote to the custom support and I’m waiting to receive the firmware to downgrade my NVR.
I know that doing so I’m losing the warranty but anyway in this state the NVR is useless for my use (LAN internally, I don’t use cloud service at all).
About preventing autoupdate I already put hand in my router to set a rule in the firewall will prevent NVR and cameras to reach zmodo.com domain, hoping it will be enough.