ZP-KE1H04-S -- Cameras lost night vision

I purchased this system and suddenly 2 cameras stopped showing a night vision picture. The image got more and more cloudy as the sun went down, and the picture finally was all white. Are the cameras defective?

Hi renees, did you find a solution to this? I had the same issue with mine, I think mine turned on the IR’s at first, but after I rebooted the NVR they lost the night vision and they looked pretty whitish dark with a lot of grain. I will be troubleshooting it tonight again but overall it was pretty dark, it was able to catch a cat moving across the back but I suspect it caught my driveway auto-lamp instead of the cat.

I wonder if we can supplement with some IR illuminators?

I have the same problem with two of my cameras on a 2 day old system. From the first night three were not working at night. I read the KBs about the IR with regards to not pointing them too high and one of them improved when I tipped it down. But I still have two with that do not glow red at night. I tried to reset them via web interface and no joy. Is there anything else to try before I RMA?

You can try swapping those cameras to a different sPoE port on the back of the NVR or a different ethernet cable, just to make sure its not a power issue with those ports or a short in the cable. You can also cup your hand over the front of the lens to check if the IR lights will activate and light up.

Swapping the ports is a good idea - not at the house now will try later and let you know if the red lights follow the port. Its getting dark at 4:30 now so they should be on when I get there. Not sure it would be a power thing though they work great in the daytime and one of the cameras that works is on an 80 foot cable.

Any idea what the gage of the wire is in the supplied cable. I could make a straight cat-6 cable to replace it and maybe get less voltage drop. That is sorta the downside of the sPOE wiring, only one wire each for +/- instead of two.

I can test the voltage at camera end to see if it loses power along the way, what should my voltmeter read when I point at the Power pins? I actually bought a Outdoor/Indoor cable from Home Depot and ran that instead of the thin Cat2.5 (it just has 4 wires instead of 8) that’s included with the box.

Hey TechEd, I tried swapping the ports on the two lines that don’t work with the two that do at the back of the NVR and still only the cameras that I see glowing red have night vision. Any other Ideas? I tried calling the support number 866-551-6881 that I found in the KB and it just says Zmodo support has moved then they refer you to the website. I tried clicking the support button in the Zviewer software and it sends me to a MeShare website. Do I need to return the product to newegg.com while I still can or is there really a support staff somewhere?

Then it sounds like the IR lights are defective on those 2 cameras. I would recommend going online here: http://www.zmodo.com/rma/ and then creating the RMA with all your information and a copy of your receipt from NewEgg. They should be able to ship out 2 replacement cameras to fix that issue.

Do I need to return the whole kit as per RMA policy? I want to keep the system just don’t like that two of the cameras don’t have IR illumination working and want them to get fixed. NVR and other two cameras are great on this ZP-KE1H04-S rig.

You should not have to return the working components, only the defective cameras.

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Generally, they will not require the whole kit to be sent back. Once you’ve created the RMA online you should receive an email with the RMA number and the instructions for returning the cameras if necessary. They may not even need the original cameras back and just ship you out 2 replacement cameras.

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I just moved one of my cameras to a different position and night vision came on! Not immediately because my system was off when I moved the camera, but I think it doesn’t detect or something is disabling the night vision for some reason. Did you try moving cameras around or positioning them in different ways? The other one is still off, so I need to actually move that and test the theory.

To update my post above, I came back and tested the cameras, no matter what I do I can’t get night vision to work properly in that one camera. It looks like there is some night vision there but it’s not strong enough. the IR’s turn RED, I can see them no problem and when I am close the camera, I can see myself too, but I think it’s not putting out enough IR to illuminate the area.

Is it OK to buy IR Illuminators from ebay and place them around KE1H04 cameras?

I have the same problem with all of my cameras loosing the IR function. I noticed that all of the cameras have the IR leds on. So knowing a little bit about how the camera works, I did this to test my theory.

During the day, the cameras are for the most part in color and fairly clear.
At night when the cameras work, I have some fairly clear video. Lately though, the cameras have been acting up and not switching from day vision to night vision.

Here is a simple way to validate that your camera is switching between day and night vision. I will say that this method has its drawbacks. It must be done at night, you will need a small flashlight, you need fairly good hearing and vision, and you will have to have a smartphone with the appropriate application installed on it.

Using your smartphone with the appropriate app installed, I use Zsight on an iPhone 5, bring up your app to watch your cameras before, during AND after shining a small flashlight at the camera under test. You should hear a clicking sound from the camera as well as see the IR leds turn on and off when the light hits the camera.

I did the test on all four of my cameras and they are working just like they are supposed to. However, I have a sinking feeling that I may have to do this again in the future.

I have done voltage tests on my cat5e cables I built myself and there is very little voltage loss. The furthest length of cable is 55 feet while the shortest cable is 25 feet.

I hope this helps. I am coming to a conclusion that the photo-detector is sensing the IR leds and keeping the cameras switched in day mode.

Finally, an interesting note to mention; the flashlight I used to conduct my test was a “Blacklight Master” with 28 UltraViolet leds. I am pretty certain that an IR flashlight would have the same results. Yes, a regular flashlight works well also.

The IR cut filters are also not switching on 1 or more of my cameras. I have tried changing the angles of the cameras, resetting, rebooting the NVR, etc… I have to go out multiple times every single night and “shock” the cameras with a bright light to have the filters switch.
I am using the included cables so I assume this isn’t some sort of power issue due to cable run length.
I have tried to contact customer service through live chat and email multiple times with no response.
This is getting extremely frustrating, especially due to the fact this causes the camera(s) to display nothing but a fuzzy gray image and I have 0 security in the area any given camera is in when this happens at night.

Is there anything else I can look in to that may help fix this issue?

Another note is that when this happens (especially on one camera that has started doing this every few minutes even after blinding the sensor and having the filter switch) the cameras appear to drop power or reboot and once they boot the filter does not switch.

Has anybody sorted this problem out, I only have 3 cameras connected and all 3 of them stopped working in night vision at the same time, I tried swapping things around, rebooting but nothing. I then connected my 4th camera and it worked fine.

I have the same issue, all my 8 cameras are not working at night, I purchase separate ir and install it next to the cameras and still no image showing at night, the camera IR lights work but for some reason it does not turn on the night vision, two possible reason, the camera is not capable of it and they sold us bad product, or it was very cheap product.
I have also check the voltage and they are seems to be working fine, I swapped the cameras with different brand and they work fine.

Start unplugging cameras and see if this solves the problem