ZP-IBH21-W Stopped Streaming Video


I just purchased and added a ZP-IBH21-W to my ZM-KW2007-500 system. Everything was working great—for about 6 hours. When night came I went to check on it to see how good the night vision was—the ZM-KW2007 screen read, “Video offline.” I went out to check the cam and the night vision was blinking red. Sadly, the ZP-IBH21-W is yet to come back online. I checked my router and, yes, the camera address shows up on the router—the router is seeing the camera. I’m a bit lost on what to do next. Any ideas and suggestions?


When that happens I usually reboot my mobile phone, seems to fix Zmodo & MeShare apps. I sometimes get that message if I get poor mobile data allocation/ coverage in a crowded area.


The night vision should stay on consistently when it is dark.

If the night vision is blinking in full darkness, that indicates a hardware or setup issue.

The most common issue is power. Often people will use a micro-USB cable attached to the provided power supply in order to extend the length. That causes issues because of the voltage loss.

I recommend checking the power to verify that the camera is connected directly to the provided power supply, which is then connected directly to the wall.