ZP-IBH15-S1 Cameras w/o reset button - Forgot Password must reset


I have several of these model cameras which are not taking the password that is working on others. I don’t know if i mistyped them when I changed it as recommended; however, the end result is that I need to reset the CAMERA passwords. Whether I try editing through the DVR or directly accessing their local IP, I get password errors.

These cameras do not have a reset button on them anywhere - and yes, i checked by the pigtail.


In order to reset those cameras, connect them directly to the NVR, and then factory reset the NVR. That will factory reset any connected cameras as well.

Be aware that there are versions of the ZP-IBH15-S1 which do not have a direct user configurable interface.


Hi Patty,

What should I do if don’t have an NVR? There is another way to do factory reset.
I had the problem after remove the cameras from my account to add to my wife account. I can’t see the WiFi network from the camera anymore.

Thank you in advance.