ZP-IBH-15-W: solid blue LED, doesn't show up


The above camera quit working one day, but one day dropped off my NVR and was also no longer visible via the ZViewer PC app or online via user.zmodo.com.

If I unplug the power and plug the power back in, it will show a solid green LED, then blinking green, then blinking blue and finally solid blue, as it it had successfully connected to the network.

If my router is off, I can get the ZMD_SAP to show up. I tried turning off my router and using a different network (a WiFi hotspot) to complete the setup, but still nothing.

I believe a clue may be in something my router shows in connected devices:

Problem camera:

IP Address (Wireless)-1: –
IPv6 Address (Wireless)-1: fe80:0000:0000:0000:ce79:cfff:fe8e:4453
MAC Address: CC:79:CF:8E:44:53

Normally functioning camera:

IP Address (Wireless)-1:
IPv6 Address (Wireless)-1: –
MAC Address: CC:79:CF:91:E7:0E

Any idea on how to get the camera connected again, or am I looking at requesting a warranty replacement? (This camera was one of a set of 4 purchased January 8, 2017).