Zmodo's newest update, now with multi-channel live viewing!



Are the ZP-NE14-S systems not compatible with multi-channel viewing? These are an NVR and IP cameras, not a DVR based system.
I also cannot see how I can update the individual cameras firmware as the only notifications I’ve ever received were for the NVR itself though I know for a fact there are newer firmware versions for the cameras themselves.
Is there a way to add each individual camera to the Zmodo app and not just the NVR?


Not all wired cameras require an update, what is the firmware version on the NVR?


The firmware is version which the app says is the most recent.
The cameras are model ZP-IBH15-S1 and their firmware version is
I had a camera replaced under warranty which came with a newer firmware version but I saw no difference between the 2 versions other than the time stamp was no longer visible unless the main feed was being accessed in full resolution so I reverted to the older version.
I’ve since not been able to locate any firmware for the individual cameras and can see no option to check for updated firmware through the Zmodo app as I cannot seem to find a way to add each camera individually.


This doesn’t answer your question, but last year, I found I could upgrade the camera firmware when connecting to them thru the IE active X plugin (see a thread I started at No date/time display after upgrading firmware on camera). My ZP-NE14-S is now on the latest firmware like yours ( and it doesn’t seem possible anymore to connect to the cameras directly thru the IE browser now.

I think I was able to see the firmware version of each camera in the latest ZViewer Windows program when ZViewer is run on the same LAN as the NVR (there are problems with ZViewer working remotely). I don’t remember whether it was possible to upgrade the firmware from there. I’ll try to confirm this later whenever I’m on the site where the system is.

What was the original firmware version on the camera that you got replaced under warranty? Was it How did you revert it to an older version (I assume you reverted back to


The firmware that was originally on the replacement camera was I had downloaded the different firmware available for my NVR and cameras but can no longer find it online. I used Zviewer to flash the firmware to the camera as the newer version removed the time stamp.


So I’m on-site where the Zmodo system is and using ZViewer on the LAN. For the individual cameras listed in ZViewer found from using LAN search and not the cameras listed under the NVR (not the cameras listed under the NVR like CH1,CH2, but those listed like, if I right-click on it and select Remote Settings, there’s a dialog brought up. In it, I select Advanced Settings > Update. But this only provides a manual update option where you need to provide the firmware file. In the same dialog, Advanced Settings > Device Information shows the firmware version on the camera (e.g. V5.1.0.9).

I don’t recall seeing firmware made available for the cameras themselves on zmodo’s web site, but I guess they must have before if you were able to download it. I know they used to make NVR firmware available on the site, but looks like they no longer anymore and the NVR firmware can only be upgraded thru a mobile app. I recall when I was able to update the firmware of one of the cameras thru the IE Active X plugin, I didn’t have to provide any firmware file as it was able to update the firmware to the latest version at that time ( But I wasn’t happy about losing the date/time stamp for that camera in the 4 channel view after the update so I didn’t do it for the rest of the cameras.


You were likely updating through the Zsight app, but the update is no longer available on the server.

The update isn’t necessary for the cameras to function with the NVR on the current platform.


But will the multi-channel viewing be possible with the ZP-NE14-S systems?


The original series ZP-NE14-S systems with firmware do not yet have an update available for multi-channel viewing. There isn’t a timeline on when that firmware will be available.

The newest series of ZP-NE14-S systems with firmware version have multi-channel viewing.

There is a hardware difference between the 2 series of ZP-NE14-S, so it isn’t possible to load the 43 firmwares onto the 40 series, or vice-versa.


Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t aware there were different hardware revisions of this systems NVR.


Hello Patty, My NVR ZM-SS7008D8 has

Hardware version 799990315
Software Version V43.13.2.02


@salvalo22 Remove the cams, and then add the NVR back in for multi-channel viewing.


Thanks for the clarification.


Thanks Patty, Now I am able to video multi channel. The only issue I face is that the NVR and the Cameras show different types of alerts. The NVR will show the previous (older still pics before the upgrade) and the cameras will show video motion alert of 5-6 seconds, is this normal ?


Somehow lost my multiple camera live view in the app and now can only see one camera at a time. I have 9 cameras, don’t know what happened. Any ideas?


In order to gain multiple camera view, add your NVR as a device. Adding each camera separately will remove the multi-view. See quote below:


Patty when adding NVR to Multi- channel viewing, the option to get alerts from certain cameras disappears. So when you toggle Away Mode, you will receive motion alerts from all cameras on your system. I had revert back to add all cameras back one by one as this gives me the option to select only 3 cameras to provide alerts when I turn Away Mode on. I did this because these are the 3 cameras that need notifications when theres motion, the rest are simply to watch my house surroundings. I had to remove the NVR in order to gain this feature back. Is this something that can be brought back when adding simply the NVR to the app?


We have recommended adding that feature back in to the development team.

At this point there hasn’t been an official decision on if it will come back or not.


On the mobile app when you delete a device inside of a group it deletes every device in the group not just the one you have selected just a heads up…