Zmodo's newest update, now with multi-channel live viewing!

The Zmodo app has a new update available on both iOS and Android.

The new update now supports viewing the live image from multiple cameras at the same time on both NVR systems, and camera groups.

Analog DVRs still don’t work properly with the new platform (although there are a few random ones that work for reasons unknown) analog DVR owners will want to continue using MeShare.

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Nice update. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Hi, I’m new here. Just finished getting 8 “wireless” cameras set up over the weekend.

Everything is working very well, and the ability to view four cameras simultaneously is awesome.

I would ask that maybe in a future update you could disable the automatic rotation, and instead add a button that would rotate the screen.

It can be frustrating when trying to view the cameras while laying down (on my side), since the screen rotates on its own.


That is a phone setting.

@Linwood, Negative, this rotation is built into the application. I am using an android phone, and the zmodo app will rotate regardless of whether you have the phones auto rotation turned on or not. I have not tried editing the apk in android studio yet to see if I can remove the auto rotate functionality.

Bummer. I’m still trying to get the multiple screens to work.

Hmm, I’m sorry to hear about that. On android, you just go to view the cameras as normal, and it automatically starts in multi-view mode. If you want to view cameras individually, you click the “window” button in the lower left corner.

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That is cool. Mine just updated but still no multi-screens.

Is it multiple wireless cameras, or an NVR?

For wireless cameras, they have to be added as a group for multi-view. If they are added as singles you won’t see the multi-view.

I have an nvr system with 8 cameras but after the update i can only see one camera and cannot switch others help

It sounds like your devices are DVRs and not NVRs.

Are you working on a fix.? Meshare does not work on iPad iOS 11

How do you add cameras as a group? I have a total of 6 cameras but unable to use multi-view.

Also, if I add my NVR to the app, I get double motion alerts, the previous ones the 4 pics before the upgrade and then the new video motion alerts. I have removed the NVR from the app.

I have a 4 camera model ZP-NE14-S system, pretty sure it’s a NVR.
I only can see one camera at a time.

same problem here, I was told to use meshare app, I don’t want another app to use

@salvalo22 @Rob5337 @keithathomas

What is the firmware that your NVRs are on?

I don’t see anything that says firmware, hardware 799990270, software V70.3.0.18

@keithathomas please reference the above.

I installed meshare on my phone, but the beam isn’t working, it doesn’t show up in wifi…