Zmodo Website Issue


My cameras used to work seamlessly until last week - now they say “offline” or simply will not load and remains a black screen while on your user.zmodo website. Very frustrating as this is how I monitor them while at work versus using up data on Zmodo app.


I am also having trouble with the same thing.


Can you try ?
If the device was updated to the new platform, that is the website that will need to be used.


I will try that - how were we to know it had changed though? Is there some email alert you can send out or put on the old site to inform people?


Greetings Patty,
How would we know our “device” was upgraded to a new “platform”. The log on screens look identical, except for the address. Does the new site require a new sign up ? log in information from does not work on

Thank you
Mike H.


The log in information for is identical to they connect to the same database.

If logging in with a phone number remember to select the proper country code. The country code for the UD is 1 and not 86.

If you are viewing your device over the Zmodo app, it will prompt you for an update, once that update is complete you will want to use If the app isn’t prompting you for an update, it means you have already done the update.


Greetings Patty
Thank you for the quick response. Before posting I tried several times to log into myzmodo several times using zmodo log in, it did nothing after clicking “log in”, I waited a few minutes and no activity. This morning after reading your post, I tried the same log in to myzmodo and it worked?

Thank you
Mike H.


Should we be using a different app too? I use zmodo but lately I keep getting poor connection message.


@cassymk There have not been any server issues recently. Zmodo is the app that you should use.

Often if you see “Poor Connection” it can be related to either the network connection that the phone is on, or the amount of RAM that the phone is using. Occasionally the issue can be resolve by logging out, then rebooting the phone, and then logging back in.


The app is working fine now but still having major lag/not loading issues with the zmodo website.