Zmodo update scam

I have a NVR system ZP NB14 that has been working fine. One camera broke (no power) and a second one did not get it image through the screen monitor. However, I was still able to see the footage on my phone. I wanted to get new cameras to add on my system. ZMODO recommend me a different model that is compatible with my NVR and I bought it. When I was about to set up the new cameras with my system, theTech Support asked me about my issue and I explained it to him. He told me that the reason why I can’t see the picture of the camera on the screen monitor is because the NVR needs an update until then neither the new cameras wouldn’t work. He sent me the updated file many times. NOTHING WORKED. He finally said that is going to send me a batch from which I will download a file, then I’ll be able to update the NVR from there. It turns out that my NVR GOT LOCKED EVER SINCE.