ZMODO sending out ARP packets


My ZMODO DC-SBN6 is sending out ARP requests looking for network constantly. It is probably not congesting the network all that much but it is concerning me. I have sent a request in to support and all they do is try to get me to follow instructions on a web page about forwarding ports on the router. That is not the problem. I do not want ports open to the outside world. I want to know why the DVR is looking for that network.

Has anyone else ever used Wireshark or other packet sniffing tool to monitor traffic on their own network when using a ZMODO product? Do you see similar traffic on your net?

Oh, and the network is registered to the US Department of Defense.



The system should not be sending ARP packets without reason. Check the DDNS settings in the system to see how they have been configured.

Likely just turn DDNS off, also turn “auto-register” off, FTP off, time sync off, upnp off, and email off. A factory reset on the system should have all of those off by default.

That should eliminate any unsolicited outbound traffic from the system.