Zmodo Remote Viewer

Currently I have a Zmodo 32CH system configured and 100% functional. Which really works very well for me. But I need a way to be able to view the cameras permanently remotely.

the viewer that they have in the page does not work well in my case, because it only allows to see a camera at the same time. Also after a certain time, you leave the session due to inactivity.

I have tried using the ios and android application, but the same one after a time closes.

Has anyone been able to implement something like that? A permanent viewer remotely (not in the same place where the NVR is installed).

Something like a Zviewer for PC. But that works remotely.

Appreciating the attention.


You could try to setup “PORT FORWARDING” on your home router,
that would allow you to log into your system from Outside your home network.
Then map ZviewerPC to log into the IP address

I used that trick to use the old Zviewer app (4 cams on screen at 1 time)

They blocked what you need with a firmware update long ago. They found their cameras being used as botnet. Instead of fixing them, they blocked all connections except to their own servers. Even from the same lan!
It’s a shame, but you can not do what you need anymore with zmodo