Zmodo NVR: Current status of remote access & playback

I just finished setting up a Zmodo NVR (ZM-SS-7009-D4-S-1TB), and I want to verify the current status of what can and cannot be done.

As I understand it, I cannot currently:

  1. Access the NVR for either configuration or playback via the ZViewer program or web browser.
  2. Access the NVR for either configuration or playback via the Zmodo mobile app.

Apparently it was possible to do #1 in the past, but both are no longer supported. (I can add the NVR in the ZViewer program, but I can’t access it).

If I’m missing something, please let me know.

What firmware is the NVR on?

The NVR lists its software version as

I tried the update feature from the same screen, and it states it is up to date.

That system should be able to view and playback through the Zmodo app without difficulty.

When you try to view and playback in the Zmodo app, what happens?

I found how to access playback via the Zmodo app.

I noticed what looked like a replay-related icon at the bottom right of the screen, although when accessed it initially reported the device had no cloud account. But fortunately, I discovered the icon that looks like an SD card that allowed me to then access local playback.

Regarding the remainder of my original message, I take it that configuration is not accessible anywhere but on the NVR itself, and playback is not accessible via the ZViewer program or any other means on a PC. Is that correct?

I wanted to chime in on this topic. I have the NVR playback working fine via the Zmodo mobile application.

I didn’t see a direct answer to whether or not NVR playback as well as NVR configuration is available or is planned to be made available on or