ZMODO H.264 - all cameras stopped recording

The cameras work, but stopped recording a few days ago. I just noticed it today when I clicked “Quick Playback” and it didn’t work. The power has gone out numerous times the previous couple of weeks (weather!) and I’ve had to reset the date/time about four times. Each time, it started recording again, except sometime between last Wed (9/12 and 9/15), while I was out-of-town. How do I get it to begin recording again (blue dot in corner of each frame)?

Getting a similar problem

I can watch my camera through the zmodo app on my phone and on zsight on my PC. However recordings are not available anymore. If I plug the NVR on a monitor, all the videos are there.

this system was fully functional, had lots of features that were great, but Zmodo has been chipping it down over time to render this thing useless.

Follow up edit: After reset, set default, unplug, format, reset, reformat, unplug, replug re-reset, re-default. now the recordings are available again on my PC’s Zviewer app. too bad I never could view the footage of the roaming suspect in our neighbourhood … because of the format…