Zmodo Greet questions


I recently purchased a Zmodo Greet and am curious about a few things:

  1. I installed the Zviewer app on my PC. I can connect to the camera but motion detect record is not working. In fact, the only thing working is live view and manual recording. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Can the camera be set for motion detect zoning like in the Zviewer app? I’m getting a lot of motion detects for cars passing by in the top of the frame.

  • Is there a way to change the amount of time the motion capture happens? I’d like it to start sooner and end later.

  • I’d like to possibly use a third party app for viewing the stream. I know that this is possible on the local network as the Zviewer app shows me the local IP address and can stream without internet connection. How do I connect?

  • Is UPNP available for the Greet via the Zviewer app? If so, how do I connect to the UPNP stream?


  1. Motion recording is only for cameras with an SD card installed. It is not compatible with the Greet (Zviewer software is not officially compatible with the Greet) You can set a schedule for recording by going to playback and record settings, but it is a timed recording.

  2. Motion area settings a slowly being implemented through the Zmodo app. Some devices already have access to those settings (mini WiFi cam) You should soon see either an app update or a doorbell firmware update that adds in that functionality.

  3. No

  4. Not possible to use with 3rd party software. Zviewer uses a proprietary protocol for the older devices, on an encrypted stream for all of the newer devices. The Greet has never used a 3rd party compatible video stream protocol.

  5. It does not seem that you know what UPNP is/does. UPNP is a method used to open ports. Opening ports can allow different streams to pass through those ports, but that is the protocol by which the ports are opened, and not the stream protocol. There is no UPNP “stream” to connect to, so this question doesn’t make sense. It sounds like the question might again be about use with a 3rd party app with something like the RTSP stream, or other Onvif compliant protocol, which the Greet doesn’t support. (The Greet does use UPNP, this is why Zviewer works remotely without manual port forwarding. Again the Stream protocol is not UPNP, but a proprietary ZSP protocol)


Thanks for answering these questions. A bit disappointing with the exception of the motion area being implemented in the future. My UPNP experience is limited but I was referring to using UPNP stream protocol.

I’m not sure what the Zmodo business model is with only allowing connections to the doorbell over the internet. I’ll assume that this may tie in to future cloud storage/cloud recordings option and a fee to use these services. Why not make the camera accessible to third party apps with the caveat that Zmodo does not support these apps? It’s a bit troublesome that I need an internet connection to access a device that I’m standing two feet away from. I’m guessing that if the internet connection goes down then the camera is not able to record and upload later. Is that correct?


There is no such thing as a “UPNP stream protocol”, that is what I was trying to explain.

The Greet is a WiFi doorbell. It requires WiFi. If you have a Zmodo NVR, you can connect it to a LAN only connection and record directly to that. It wouldn’t require internet, only WiFi


Trying to fully understand things so please forgive the questions if they don’t make sense. Can third party apps be used for viewing the Zmodo NVR live content?


No, 3rd party apps can not be used.


Any chance that future updates will allow for longer motion detect clip durations?


I’m back. I’ve been reviewing the motion captures and almost all of them are missing the ‘action’ . My camera has a good view of the road. I get alerts and captures that start with the car exiting the frame and then 20 seconds of no action. It’s like the capture is being triggered as motion is detected and then there is a lag before the capture actually starts. I’d suggest that you guys allow for the same controls as Zviewer which, if I am reading correctly, will allow you to save the portion right before motion started. I don’t know if this is possible or not but it certainly would improve the content of the recordings.


@patty Any thoughts on this?