Zmodo Greet issues: No doorbell chime, laggy audio on web app?


Zmodo Greet with latest firmware.

First off, although the adapter is properly wired in to my home’s doorbell, my doorbell chime hasn’t rung since installing it.

Secondly, using the web app, live audio from the Greet is extremely laggy despite a strong wifi signal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


My Greet doorbell transformer buzzed until Zmoto sent me a suppressor, which I installed and it worked perfectly for about 3 months, then the chime suddenly stopped ringing but it rang on my cell phone. Being curious and reading on some forums, I took the suppressor apart and found three ,3 volt button batteries, 2 were smaller and they read 2.5 volts. The bigger one read 3 volts. While I had the suppressor out, the transformer stilled buzzed but I could live with that so I just left the suppressor off for now and doorbell and chime works with a slight buzz. Camera seems to work ok. Hope this helps.


Thanks! Yeah I may give this a shot, the buzz is no big deal, and for all I know the batteries you mention might not be fresh, so I may try swapping the batteries out first, then failing that ditch the module.


Hi - the doorbell hum is a problem since a long time - it does not look like Zmodo is really willing to address it…
As to the audio lag: I noticed that too, in fact, it can be as long as tens of seconds, becomes a pretty useless feature then.
For sure it has nothing to do with the “strength of your WiFi”, this is a problem w/ the Zmodo servers.
Here too Zmodo needs to pay attention and address it.
This is a nice capability, but it needs to work properly!