Zmodo firmware upgrade advisable now?


Im new to the zmodo cctv system and I recently purchased the Zmodo 8 cam NVR system ZM-SS76D9D8-SC as seen here:
I’m been propmted via the zmodo app to upgrade the firmware, however I’ve read numerous complaints of the firmware upgrade causing system issues, is it now advisable to upgrade the firmware for this uni t(ZM-SS76D9D8-SC) , have issues/bugs been properly addressed?
Finally if its now ok to upgrade can someone give me a few hints as to upgrade best practices to avoid system issues.
Thanks much for your help.


The most common issue with updating the app and firmware is that it logs you out, and then requires you to log back in. Many people log back in with the wrong account, and think that the update has somehow removed all of their devices from the account. This is the majority of calls that we see with the new update.

Another issue we commonly see is that customers are selecting the sleep option after updating, which effectively turns the cameras off. If you select sleep, you must then select wake up.

Lastly, to view the video on a device, you have to pick the video option, and then pick the device from the list which will bring up channel 1, to change channels on an NVR, you use the small down arrow visible at the top of the live picture. The method used for changing channels is significantly less intuitive than the previous version of the app. Many people call for that alone.


So most of the issues with the firmware upgrade were indeed user errors, noted with thanks.


Now I just updated the device firmware and MeShare does not work but the Zomdo app works,. why?

MeShare app shows offline on all devices but Zmodo app which I updated works.

What the deal?

and what the difference?


@gxnx As indicated in my post about the new platform, the MeShare app has not yet been updated to the newest platform.

This allows the devices that haven’t been updated yet to still work properly through the MeShare app, but prevents the updated devices from working.


Where is the link to the new platform?

So what so special about the new platform that I am using now the Zmodo app on my phone?



As far as the Zmodo is working fine and I can see the videos, I am a happy camper

No need to change anything.