Zmodo App's new platform!

There is an update to the Zmodo app. The new platform is being rolled out as we work to implement our cloud based recording. Cloud subscriptions should be available within the next 30 days.

A couple of things.
After the app updates, you will need to update your device to the firmware that is specific to the new platform.

There is a 30 day free trial for the 7-day storage cloud service .

If you prefer the old platform, switch to the MeShare app.

The option to switch channels on an NVR or group will be at the top of the live image screen, indicated by an arrow.

The Log Out and App Settings are now in the “Me” section.

If you have an analog DVR, you will need to use the MeShare app, which will remain on the old platform for the time being.

There is a bug with the New Zmodo platform not switching channels that should be remedied as soon as possible.


For more information on the new app please visit Zmodo App FAQ

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After updating the app and updating the firmware on my cameras, the night vision stops working.

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I have updated the Zmodo app, and seems like notification stopped working. I have yet to update the firmware on the NVR and abit reluctant to update that. who knows what other problems it will bring after the update. I guess i will have to stick with the meshare app to access the basic cctv function for now.

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A little feedback.
I downloaded the new app and updated the firmware. Seems a little glitchy as the nvr is mixing up the cameras on live view sometimes. Also don’t like the fact that I can’t just slide the view sideways to look at the next camera. Have to click back to the thumbnails then select another channel.
I do like the fact that once it’s set on HD video it stays in HD and doesn’t have to be re selected on each camera view each time.
Also I just noticed that the cameras night vision isn’t very good at all. The IR lights are on but the cams pictures are very dark.
**This edit is after a couple days of use.
The night vision is messed up after the nvr and camera update.
The thumbnails do not update.
Only get motion alerts from one of my cameras.
I hope Zmodo is working on some update fixes, I was perfectly happy w the system before the latest updates but these new issues are not acceptable.


I was very pleased to see that all of my motion alerts are now a 10 second video instead of the five still snapshots.

What about the Web based server? “” site that is used to view cameras on laptop or desk computer? It no loner gets alerts and “thumbnail” photos of each camera no longer work. After I updated to the new app I had to update all my cameras and “removed” NVR from the new app, since it prevented all my cameras to be viewed. Now the NVR is only viewed on my TV but i still have all my 15 cameras viewed online or the app. If I go back to the “Meshare” app, none of my cameras can be viewed since they were updated.

Installed the new app and firmware update. Alerts are received on phone (love the motion now) but no alerts are appearing on the website. Alerts from BEFORE the app update are there.

Did you have to sign up for the cloud service to begin receiving the motion alerts?

If this question was for me, no I did not sign up for cloud based alerts. I do get them on my phone - not the web.

With the new Zmodo App I can see my 4 cameras live. I get alerts on my IPAD, but do not see my devices listed in the Alerts Section, nor can I Add any, but I do see my live cameras… Help.

I have the same problem get the notification for alerts, but the alert tab it’s empty



@pinkzeppelin @Rbaurhyte
What is the model of the device that you are working with?


I have the doorbell and I have updated the app and the firmware. I do not subscribe to the cloud service. I am receiving alerts and the alert screen shows the time and that there was an alert, but there is no thumbnail and there is no video to retrieve. When I touch the alert it goes to the live view. Please advise on how to get this work properly again. Thanks

@Rbaurhyte with the ZP-NE14-S, if the firmware version for the NVR begins with 40, this is a known issue that we are working to resolve, please use the MeShare app in the interim, and that should allow you to access the alerts.

Ok…Thanks…MeShare works fine for me…so far

Hi I am finding the app keeps reseting on my Android - I have updated to the latest release - is there still a problem?

I am having the same problem on my Android tablet.