Zmodo appquestion: why motion detection creates new event or additional Motion Clip under 1 event?

I have Model# ZP-IBH13-W cameras connected to WiFi and use the iPhone app ZModo to view .
I’m trying to understand when a motion is detected what drives the creation of a new Event,or, the creation of a new Motion Clip under 1 Event?
Sometimes I have many clips under 1 event, sometimes many events, each with 1 clip.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Thanks for your quick response.

No problem let us know if you have any other questions

This new approach kinda defeats the purpose of having motion alerts. For example, yesterday someone delivered something to my door step and the motion event alert did not trigger when someone stepped into the area because an earlier motion trigger. When I looked at the app and reviewed all events I saw the the REAL motion alert event buried after 7 other unimportant motion alerts. I had to check my tracking tracking number timestamp and then go to the app and look for the notification. Why have a system that will not notify me whenever someone is at the door. Its pointless.Screenshot_20180620-130350

Also, I notice I have instances of minor events with several hours between them. I understood the explanation provided meant that they would be considered major events. See attached screen shot. First event is at 08:32:36 am, the second is at 1:56:36 pm. Should the second not be a separate event?Image