Zmodo App Stopped Loading

Zmodo App on both iPhone and iPad had been working fine but as of this afternoon they will not load. The app goes to the Smasrt Home, Smart Life splash screen – sits there a w hile then asks for login. When credentials are applied it spins a bit then asks for credentials again.
this occurs regardless of network connection – same on my local net as it is across cellular.
APP is unusable – therefore cameras are unusable. What gives???

Same as me. As of this morning, i am unable to log in and view the live CCTV. Their server might be down.

Haven’t been able to load the app for several hours. 17:31 CST 17 Aug 18

Same here. It would be great if someone from Zmodo could let us know what is going on and that they are working on the problem.

System is back and running.

Not for me.Still can’t log in to web site or access cameras.
Edit-I can see my cameras live but still unable to see any alerts and cannot log into My Devices web page at all.

It’s gradually coming back, still can’t load all my cameras

Mine was back, sort of… Got logged in, could see Live on all cams but nothing on alerts.
Seems to be gone again

I am getting alert notifications from the app, but am unable to view the alert content.

lost my groups, can’t load my indoor cameras yet. Loaded all the outdoor ones though, also can’t see any alerts

All seems well this morning, app and web site back up and functional. Thank you.