Zmodo app crashes on iOS 10

The app crashes at startup on iOS 10

Currently none of our apps are updated to work with iOS 10 beta. We anticipate resolving compatibility issues between the MeShare and Zmodo apps and iOS 10 prior to the official release date of iOS 10.

iOS 10 has not yet been released, it is only the beta test which is available to users. This is for testing purposes.

According to the FAQ for the beta program. "Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software. "

ios 10 came out today, app crashes.

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Please check the version of the app that you are using, and be sure that it is the most up to date. There have been updates to the app within the past week. Also, be sure that you have the full release version of iOS 10, and not the beta release. The beta release version will continue to have difficulty.

Full Release version of IOS 10, not beta and zsight crashes


I too have the upgraded to iOS10 full release, not beta version, and Zsight crashes. I cannot open any of my cameras and this is difficult and inconvenient in the extreme. My wife and I depend on cameras in caring for a sick relative. So we really need a patch for the software as a matter of urgency.

Please advise ASAP.


Zsight will crash yes, you will need to use either Zmodo or MeShare.

Are you going to update the Zsight app so it works with ios 10?

Having a hard time adding new cameras without the zSight app. Was easy with first one I addded using it. Now can’t add the two new ones I just got since I upgraded to iOS 10.

The Zsight app update for iOS 10 is coming. They are trying to get it pushed through faster.

Be aware, most of the new cams can’t be set up using Zsight at all, so you will want to check the quick setup guide, as only the older cams indicate that you should use Zsight.

Z sight working, but zmodo and Meshare both show offline on all cameras

Ronprom. I have the same issue. If I’m on wifi meshare works fine. If I’m over the air network or lte. Nothing. Spins and spins till it says offline.

Has anyone found a fix yet? Patty?

Check the network connection at the location.
Reboot the system.

If it is an analog DVR system, you can’t use the newer MeShare or Zmodo apps.

Zsight is the recommended app currently, as it has been updated recently. If you want the pretty new interface, the Funlux app currently works with the analog systems still.