Zmodo and tinycam issue

so does anyone use ther zmodo cameras on tinycam? if so has anyone had issues with the app holding the cameras on the screen? i have the zmodo system and tinycam uses zmd-dd-sbn8 model and i first noticed it monday the app drops the complete zmodo system. i sent an email to aley asking if they just did an update but no reply yet. so i’m asking here. if i turn the app off it returns and if i unplug the lan cable it returns so it needs to lose the app to reload the images. i have 3 devices running this and they all do it so it is not just the recievers. 3 different android versions. also the dvr is hard wired to the modem so not the wifi. i also moved the cable in different lan ports on the modem and still happens. i have found when tiny cam updates for a bit i have issues but this is the first time i had this huge issue. thanks