ZMD_SAP. Frustrating. Getting worse. Help


I cant find, or it wont show on the wireless list everytime i try to connect it. This step got me stuck for hours, and it is getting frustrating. I have tried to find the answer to this frustrating issue, but I couldnt find anything useful, even the ones I tried gave me no solution. Can someone please help out? How to find this " ZMD_SAP" the guide/setup talks about? I need these camaras working as soon as possible. This is really important.



Power the nvr down then turn it back on. The network will be discoverable for a short period of time.


Didnt work. I still have the issue. Im running out of patience.


How are you searching for the network?
If you use a smartphone on the wifi search main page, unplug the nvr then plug it back in. Within 30 sec to a minute the ZMD-SAP will show up. Join that network and then go back to the zmodo setup.
If it’s not showing up you may need to connect a monitor to the nvr to see what the problem is in the main menu.


What is the model of your camera?

What is the light on the camera doing?

Please be aware that NVRs and DVRs do not use the ZMD_SAP network, it is exclusive to wireless cameras.


Turn off Data on your 4G. Then ZMD_SAP should appear.


I turned off Data but still no Joy in seeing ZMD_SAP? Any other suggestions, EZcam has blue on. Renamed router and on 2.4 network. Even turned off 5 g on the router and still no joy. Any suggestions helpful.


ZMD_SAP is only broadcast on cameras requiring the ZINK setup method, and then ONLY while the cameras are BLINKING GREEN.

Your EZcam probably requires a different setup method. I would recommend checking the quick setup guide that it came with.