ZMD-DX-SIN8 firmware issues


To gather up a series of other threads, here are the current problems I am struggling with:

If anyone has ideas for any of these please chime in.


Is this device incompatible with MeShare alerts? I sure hope not because the email fiasco and the ‘feature’ that alerts are more preferable to email.

Still having disk format problems as well with my WD Purple WD20PURX 2TB SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive.

These two problems above are critical show-stoppers and fail basic functionality.

The not saving sensitivity on reboot is very inconvenient but not killer.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DEVICE until these issues are fixed.


I left my feedback on the Amazon site.


If the disk is prompting reboot, that is often disk incompatibility, or a power related issue.

What is the model and capacity of the hard drive, and the output of the power supply?

Also, if connected to a surge protector, what lights are lit on the surge protector?

Avoid using power strips without surge protection, and extension cords to avoid power dips and surges.


Your response ignores two other significant problems but with respect to the HD…

The model hard drive is in the OP.

The power supply I have this unit plugged into is a 110v 15 amp circuit and zero power strips or surges. If you mean the power supply in the unit, I have no ideas, it is your design, you should know what a ZMD-DX-SIN8 has.

Since you often refer to disks being incompatible, what specs shall we refer to when procuring disks. You can’t be serious that we can only buy the old disks that you have on your ‘approved’ list.

This whole thing is a disaster. If your company designed a security system with a power supply incapable of handling the most popular security disks in the world, you should just warranty replace them.


I know what Power supply ships from our warehouse with the unit.Typically, it is sold as a kit, and multiple power supplies are included in the kit.

There are a number of different things which can contribute to the power supply on application not matching the one that should be with the kit. We would need specific confirmation of the power setup.

The WD Purple is fine, as long as the power if sufficient.

In regards to the email,here is the thread discussing Email Alerts no longer working. Once a determination is made as to whether or not email will be supported in the units moving forward, I will post that information as a banner on the forum.

The motion sensitivity was bugged previously, and is discussed in this thread.
Reboot of DVR always sets Motion Sensitivity to HIGH - ZMD-DX-SIN8

Given your issues, you may want to call our phone based support, and we can assist you more directly. If the reformat issue isn’t resolved, we can set up an RMA to have the DVR and power supply come back to be checked out. This should not be a recurring issue with any of our products, and we have only been able to recreate the issue in house by underpowering the systems.
We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CST, and can be reached at 217-903-5037.


Just want to note that I also have the prompt for formatting. Seems to happen every few weeks. I am using a 500GB Western Digital HDD and a 12V 3A power supply that came with the kit I purchased over a year ago. Yes it is plugged directly into a wall socket.

The kit I purchased (came with the zmd-dx-sin8):

I have to agree with @HeneryH. It is surprising that, even for a low cost device, sufficient power regulation and/or monitoring isn’t on-board to handle this (if power really is the issue).


Power issues are common in most electronics.

The difficulty is that they aren’t always recognized as power related issues.

Because the system runs a 24/7 read/write, it will be more susceptible to power issues causing faults on the hard drive.

For power regulation, we recommend using a standard surge protector, connected directly to the wall.

This is typically considered to be a best practice application for all electronic devices.


That is my current setup. Had some guy come walking around the house today but the DVR decided it would be a good time to stop recording again, so no video to see who it was.

Do competitor products have this same issue?

It would be nice if there was a firmware update to at least try to reboot in these situations so that recording won’t be down until someone sees the error…


I wish you would just come out and say “we screwed up and have an undersized power supply” rather than blaming the disks or power strips.

You do know that hard drive technology has been around since like 1980 and they have the kinks pretty well worked out.

DVRs run 24x7 recording four channels continuously and TiVo or Cable Company DVRs don’t seem to be struggling nearly as much as this unit.


TiVo and Cable company DVRs do not have a 24/7 read/write cycle, since they do not use a pre-record feature, so, similarly with computers, they will not experience the same issues as a DVR would.

Surveillance equipment puts different stresses on hard drives than a computer or other device would. This is why the major hard drive manufacturing companies have designed hard drives specifically for use with surveillance equipment.

If you are concerned that the power supply is not strong enough, you can use a power supply with a higher amperage, be sure to use the same voltage though.

This will not resolve any issue if it is related to the power strip or hard drive.


yes, they do have 24x7 r/w.

At any time, I can walk up to my DVR and rewind up to thirty minutes on any of the four channels. To do this, they either need to buffer record on all four channels all of the time or find a worm hole to time travel through.

Again, stop blaming the hardware!


By the way, perhaps the title of this thread is incorrect. Rather than a single post, I should have broken it into two posts:

XMD-DX-SIN8 Firmware Issues:

  1. Email alerts don’t work
  2. Mobile push alerts don’t work
  3. Motion sensitivity settings reset to High after reboot

ZMX-DX-SIN8 Hardware Issues

  1. Power supply under sized and causes hard drive problems.


I would recommend calling our phone based support, and they can help you troubleshoot the issue with your hard drive more directly.

We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CST, and can be reached at 217-903-5037.


I have the same model, same firmware and same problem with losing motion sensitivity settings after rebooting the system (I also replied to a similar, but separate thread). What I don’t have is any kind of hard disk formatting issues. I’ve got a 1 TB WD Purple SATA drive, but no problems or related error messages yet (knocking on wood).

I’m interested in any potential solutions.



got the message that meshare had an upgrade available. Clicked it on my cell phone. Now Zviewer won’t show the outside cameras. They are version . Should I call your help line for support?


@ALLEgator I believe that you have an IP based system, please reference the existing thread about recent updates for IP cams at the link below.