ZM-SS7009D8-S Dropping Camera


I need newer firmware. My cameras WILL not come in
This is my device info

Device Type … ZM-SS7009D8-S
Hardware Version … 799990301
Software Version … V43.91.1.04
Video CH Number … 8


Can I get newest firmware please



Why can’t anyone help me here? I PMed and made what I would call a thread?


How menu people go ignored on here? I bet 80% of them do. Maybe this will help





Still nothing people. This is getting old. 0 support is offered


Have you tried emailing the Zmodo support crew?


DVR box might need to be changed out


Yes, yes I have emailed lots of times and started a thread as you can see. Rabbi, It’s a NVR and I have 19 of them all doing the same thing.