ZM-SS7009D8-S Dropping Camera

I need newer firmware. My cameras WILL not come in
This is my device info

Device Type … ZM-SS7009D8-S
Hardware Version … 799990301
Software Version … V43.91.1.04
Video CH Number … 8


Can I get newest firmware please


Why can’t anyone help me here? I PMed and made what I would call a thread?

How many people get ignored on here? I bet 80% of them do. Maybe this will help



Still nothing people. This is getting old. 0 support is offered

Have you tried emailing the Zmodo support crew?

DVR box might need to be changed out

Yes, yes I have emailed lots of times and started a thread as you can see. Rabbi, It’s a NVR and I have 19 of them all doing the same thing.

They say watching grass grow is slow. They obviously have not tried getting support here. Watching grass grow would then feel like watching nascar in fast forward mode.

My NVR has a service port on the back that is USB I connect that USB to my laptop and was able to update the firmware.

Welcome to Zmodo support! I will be your guide. Take a seat.

you got to have the firmware first before you can load it. That’s my thing no one will give anyone the software it take to make anything work. You can bank on this will be the last lot of this brand of anything. And I’m done looked up how many different names they operate under so’s not to run into this again.

Does anyone have a phone number for this place? or is it just a paper company.

This place is useless. Don’t know why it even exist!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see two phone numbers listed under “CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT”, along with the days and hours they are available: