ZH-NA04-W NVR Ethernet port is dead


About a year ago our NVR stopped working. After going through troubleshooting, ZModo support concluded that the ethernet port was dead. Now our replacement is behaving in the exact same manner. The device is connected to our router via the ethernet port. The NVR port’s green led blinks while the red remains off, and the router port’s red led blinks while the green remains off. The router does not show that the device is connected when I go to its configuration page. I have replaced the patch cable and rebooted both devices several times.


Nevermind… found another issue that was causing problems. Starting new thread.


Hi Solzerid - I am having same issue. can you please tell me what was problem?


It turned out not to be the ethernet port, but the nvr was resetting to factory defaults randomly which would screw up the network settings. There was no fix and it was out of warranty.


It is doing exactly same for me. Unfortunetly, I may have to buy new one now :frowning: