ZH-IZV16-WAC SD card use

I have the SD card. The camera doesn’t recognize it. How do I get it to see it and also how to use it?

I’m using Samsung EVO SD cards in 3 of these devices. Once they were formatted I have not had any issues. Make sure that your SD card is fully inserted, which due to the location is difficult. To “see” the card, go to the device menu, tap the gear icon and go to the storage management button. Tap it and it will show you the local storage and a symbol that looks like a paint roller that will allow you to format the card.

I have bought 3 SD cards of varying makes and sizes. The camera says that there is no card inserted. I am at a loss of what to do.

Have you tried the Samsung EVO? They worked perfectly for me once formatted. I am using two 64gb cards and one 32gb card. I haven’t had any issues. What does Zmodo Support say about your issue?

I will try the Samsung EVO. I haven’t received any responses other than yours. Thank you!

It works. I think it was more to do with a complicated process of powering down the camera and inserting the chip several times. Now It is there. Can’t seem to do anything with it, but it recognizes the storage.

You should be able to view the recording stored via the Zmodo or Funlux apps. When you open the camera it will default to the cloud. Tap the cloud icon and it will give you the option to view from the sd card. I’ve never had any issues except when the new firmware was push through. I corrected that by removing the card, reinserting it and then reformatting it. So far, no issues!

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Well I have been clicking on the cloud icons in several places. It only gives me the option to subscribe. No way I can find to utilize internal storage. I understand they want to promote their cloud storage, but should allow me to use the internal. I see the chip when I check storage, zero used. I try recording and taking pictures. No storage utilized. I am at a loss.

Make sure you are using a high quality SD Card. I use Samsung EVO Class 10 in all of mine and have no issues. Using the app, in the settings for the device, format the card. Once it’s formatted check after a bit and you should see the recordings once you tap the play icon for that device. It will default to the Cloud settings. Tap on the Cloud icon and you should see the SD Card icon to review the recording.Z Screen shotZ Screen shot 2