ZH-CJAED Smart Doorbell initial setup issues

I got a Zmodo Doorbell for Christmas. It looks like a “Zmodo ZH-CJAED Smart WiFi Doorbell Built-In Speaker and Mic Set Quiet Hours” from Fry’s. As I installed the unit next to the front door, all the wrapping and packages were cleaned-up. I still have the four-fold quick start guide, which I was following.

The existing doorbell rings well and is connected to a 10 volt AC transformer. Now that the Zmodo Smart Doorbell is connected, the green circle is lit in green.

I installed the meShare application, which did discover my other Zmodo camera. Following the install process, it asks to scan the QR code in the quick guide. There are two QR codes on the last page of the guide I have, but I suspect they are for the Facebook and Twitter pages and not to identify the product I have.

I proceed to scan the barcode on the back of the doorbell. My phone does not read it. I manually enter the ZH-CJAED id code. Then it asks for my Wi-Fi password and shows me a bar code.

I show the bar code on my Samsung Android phone to the camera, about 8 inches away. The circle is green. It blinks blue once in a while. The connection times out.

I also tried resetting the device by pressing the reset pinhole and starting over. This does nothing to get the process going.

I’m stuck. Please advise.

Power supply problem. My doorbell transformer, being a 10V model, was not enough to properly power the Smart Doorbell. The technician on the phone knew this because the light was solid green and not blinking green. I replaced the doorbell transformer with a 16V unit. Now the Smart Doorbell boots up the light is solid green and then after a minute or so, it begins blinking green.

There was a second problem. The instruction booklet did not go along with the revision of the Smart Doorbell that I had. The technician on the phone advised me to use the Zmodo app on my Android phone and not the MeShare. I used the fourth option – connect wireless device.

I found this same problem with one of the cameras I have. The “QR” code that they talk about is the one on the phone when you select it using the Zomodo App. Once you have the QR image displayed on your phone, aim it toward the camera lens on the doorbell unit, after a minute or 2 it should be linked on your network. This option is used by selecting “QR” code under “Add device” in the Zmodo menu.