Where is the motion clip download stored?

In the zmodo app when one receives a motion alert there is a short video (“motion clip”) of the event. There is a download icon which when pressed will say that the clip is saved. But where is it saved? I haven’t been able to find it browsing the directory structure on my Android phone.

If you’re Android app is the same as IPhone then look for the motion clips in your photos on your phone. Stills are in the gallery within the app under the “me” icon in the lower right corner

After some further searching I found the video file in:

Device storage/zmodo/storage/emulated/0/zmodo/photo

Within the app, the photos can be found in the Gallery in the Me section.

Within your phone’s storage, that location is identified as
Device storage/zmodo/storage/emulated/0/zmodo/photo

Hi can you tell me where the download button is located to download the short video clips? I am using the newest Zmodo android app