Website not functioning properly


I have not been getting notifications pushed to my email today. If I go to the website, notifications is turned off. I click it on and exit but it does not “stick.” If I exit and go back, it is off again. My phone app shows it is on. The time zone field (on the web page) is a set of empty brackets. If I click it to change, a list shows up of time zones but it cannot be scrolled and the only way out is to hit the browser back button. (The correct time zone is set on the app.) This occurs in Chrome or IE.


What is the model of your device?

Almost all systems do not send email alerts.

Typically notification settings should be changed through the mobile app.


You are correct - NOT email alerts. My mistake. The app alerts. It is the indoor/outdoor wifi camera. The weird thing is there is conflicting info on the site. See screen caps - one shows notifications off (that won’t stay on) and the other showing it IS on. Also the Time Zone issue:


Change the settings through the mobile app instead of through the website.