Web Interface Configuration?

I have the ZM-KW0001-1TB NVR and I would like to know how do I access the web interface locally and over the internet for the NVR? I have typed in the local IP into the browser, but it comes up an unable to connect page on firefox. Do I have to do anything special like port forwarding or something? TIA.

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Zmodo cams haven’t supported a direct web interface for a while.

The cams don’t, but not even the NVR? Most have an interface…

Nope, they blocked all connections to the nvr, even from the same lan.
They found a security issue where they cameras were being used as a bonnet and what did they do? Fix the issue you would think… Nope.
Just block all connections and only allow their cameras / nvr to connect to their servers.
That means that without Internet you can not see your cameras on the same lan UNLESS you have a dedicated monitor for your nvr
Useless developers.
Useless products.

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This is horrible to read. I thought it was just a matter of opening ports or something. It sucks because Zviewer is a horribly made program and we are stuck with using it. I won’t be buying Zmodo products ever again.

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Be glad if you can still use Zviewer! right now, the only way to access it for me is either the website (no playback and only one cam at a time) or the android app

I can barely use zviewer, and the 4 feeds that come up on the screen at once are all the low def feeds for some reason. It only displayed the HD feed when clicking on a camera.

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You need to try and use there android app. WOW. It’s like no other. It’s like they want to sit there in china and watch what you doing wherever you at. Why would you make something like this? Now I got a 16 CH Funlux NVR that can’t view there new cameras. Can view the old ones just fine but nothing new at all.

the solution is downgrade firmware, but the zmodo support do not help with this
i purchase a NVR kit with third party access and now after the updates do not have anymore. perfect !