Viewing multiple cameras simultaneously in android

I have a 4 channel zmodo nvr. On a monitor connected to the nvr I can see all 4 camera outputs in 4 squares on the same screen. But I need to get that same 4 channel view on an android tablet. Is that possible? The zmodo app shows me the 4 cameras only one at a time when I click on each square and select a channel to view. But is it possible to see the 4 channels at the same time (like on the monitor) instead of the useless default grid view of some imaginary room(see uploaded image).Screenshot_20180418-012138~01

Go to the Zmodo app and remove all single cameras if they were added previously, then while on the zmodo app main screen, select the + sign on the top right corner to Add a device, select Smart Kit option and your NVR device should show up automatically.Tap on it to add it, Rename it and done. Your phone should be on the same wireless network as your NVR.
Hope this help.

Make sure your devices are all on the latest firmware as well.

Thank you for replying.
I checked and the app is apparently the latest version.
I’ll try to check the firmware on the cameras. They’re pretty old.
Sorry for my lack of knowledge but how do I delete the cameras in the app? I cannot find a place in the app to do that.

on the live image tap the gear icon on the top right then the 3 dots on the right. In orange you will see delete device.

Appreciate the help.

Deleted everything, added the device it found (nvr), picked the time and entered a password. Then it got stuck. No matter how often I click on the blue accept sign, it just stays there. The phone is not frozen, but the Zmodo app is not responsive.
What to do?

Uninstall and re install the app.

No, it was my fault. I did not realize it was waiting for me to also “name” the nvr.
Now it is “waiting for connection” and timed out.

Ok. It connected. But it is wrong. Let me explain.

I have a 4 channel nvr “Zmodo ZP-KB1I04-W 4Channel…
and I purchased a
because I was told would be compatible with my nvr.

The directions you gave me found the new ZM-W0002 camera but not the 3 others connected to the nvr. So now it only shows 1 camera output instead of 4,

Back to my original problem, the Zmodo app originally was connected to the nvr but did not show me the cameras in a grid. It showed me the generic image I uploaded in my original message. If I clicked on that imageof 4 rooms somewhere (it is not of any of my home views) it took me to a different screen where I could select “Channel 1” or Channel 2", etc. It would not show me the 4 cameras on one screen "like the “ip cam viewer” app does in the attached image.

Also, since the new camera I purchased (ZM-W0002) is said to be compatible with my nvr, then I want it to be one of the 4 shown in that grid as in the attached image.


I guess this means Zmodo app cannot do it.:thinking:

Would that work on iOS devices as well ?

Yes, I also have an iphone and the app looks the same both on android and IOS. But check it out and let us know.