Video Backup/Export not showing full screen in file


When I do a backup/export of a video it only shows part of the screen. When you watch it locally ie through a monitor connected to the system, it shows the full screen in both liveview and play back. So I know the part of the screen I want to view is there, it’s just not there in the file I get when it’s backed up to the mp4 export. I have the ZP-KE1H04-S NVR system if that makes any difference.


What software are you using to play back the file? for most systems, I recommend VLC, which can be downloaded here


I have identical problem on identical system - when backup video file is saved to USB key, the video file only shows part of the image that has been recorded. I am using VLC. help please !


OK, After doing some trial and error using the new version 2.2.0 on a Mac was able to play them. I haven’t tried it on a windows machine. I hope this helps out.


Using windows computer using quicktime version 7.7.6 , VLC player 1.0.3, reaplayer, windows media player. All only shows part of the video screen, it just so happens to cut out the part of the screen that has the evidence I need.


Had the same issue. Downloaded VLC. However, this program doesn’t offer a way to save as another video or upload to another source. I need to get footage to police however just being able to view it on my computer with this program is not a good solution.


@musicalaccents What is the model of the system that you are working with? What method are you using to back up the video?


NE-14S I am backing up with a flash drive - that’s the only option available. When opening up the video on my computer in quicktime, it only shows a portion of the video. However, VLC shows the entire video. Yet I can’t share this video from VLC. Is there another way to do this?


What do you mean you can’t share the file using VLC? VLC is for playing videos. You aren’t supposed to share through playback software.

All you need to do to if you want to give the file to the police is give them the flash drive. If you want to keep a local copy, then simply copy it over to your computer before giving it to them. Or if they want it on their flash drive, you copy it to your computer, then copy it to their flash drive.

Alternately, I know some people who upload the videos to their Google Drive and share from there.


Then the police will need to download VLC, etc. I should be able to view this file in a standard player like Quicktime without having to download a playback software. Is there a way to adjust the format to where it will play in standard video programs?


Quicktime isn’t a standard player, it is Mac exclusive. As an Apple product, they have chosen not to support all of the standard video codecs.

VLC is a standard player and will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can also play the files in Windows media player. For most firmware versions If you load them to Google Drive, they play directly through that web interface