User.zmodo/ website down?

The zmodo user website seems to be not working properly. Its been doing this for almost a week now.When I log in it shows all my camera “thumbnails”, when you go to load them, they wont open, just a black screen. Also the icons for “events”, “menu”, and other functions shows as a “square”. Is the website in middle of a update?20190526_20204120190526_202737_HDR
Second pic shows the “squares” in one of the thumbnails on bottom left. The website does this on every computer I use. Even at work.

I have exactly the same problem on my win10 desktop and laptop. But the Android phone and tablet display correctly. I upgraded the camera firmware to connect to Amazon Echo Dot. Removed Echo Dot but no change. Is the firmware upgrade the problem?

Same here. I thought that my work IT department blocked that IP. Good (not good) to know that wasn’t the case. Hopefully this is fixed soon!

This was taken tonight. Looks like the server is down. Been this way for few weeks now.

With the responses Ive gotten so far, Im glad im not the only one with the problem.

I got the same problem too. Until now no solution at all.

I just chat with the Zmodo support agent and he resolved this issue for me. He said that Zmodo upgraded to the new platform recently; so the website address is changed to “”; so please go to this new website “” and login normally; then you are able to see your camera again. I just verified this website works for me.

Solution: Go to this new website:

Zmodo upgraded to the new platform recently; so the website is changed to “”. This should work and I verified it already.

Tried the new website and it still doesn’t work. I know my NVR is working since I can view from my iphone.

When i go to log in on the new site, is shows a drop down list of numbers next to the phone numbers in the screen name field. Before #1 was used for USA… the drop down list does not give #1 for a option… What number is used for the USA?
Never mind… I found it… DUH…