(Urgent!) Solid green light forever on issue


Setup this ZH-IXB1D successfully initially, but after powering off and 2~3 times , the device seemed never finish the initiation step as it shows solid green light constantly. Tried the reset button but it did make any difference.

Please respond quickly or I’ll have to ask for a refund.




I have the same issue after a new version update. I updated 4 cameras to the new version successfully, but this one went solid green and device update process just stopped. V7.1.0.12. I have not found a solution.


If the camera’s indicator light goes to solid green, and doesn’t blink at all, first check to be sure that you are using the supplied power adapter, and that it is connected directly to a wall outlet.

If you have checked that, and the light still will not change away from solid green after 5 minutes, then the camera did not survive the firmware update.

You can set up an RMA to have the camera replaced under the warranty at the link below.