Trying to download video from IE but the files disappear

Make sure you right-click on the IE icon and select “Run as administrator.” You will then be able to save the files to your computer.

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i had mine working the other day on my laptop, but my IE 11 settings got defaulted (damn teenagers). i was very excited too because i had windows vista (i forget which version of IE i was using…9 i think) but my files would disappear too. i was able to click the playback tab at the top of the screen, select the dates i wanted to download, click query, choose which times i wanted to save, save as an AVI file to a folder of my choosing on my laptop, then open it with VCL player, and i was in business. WAS…i dont know why it stopped after i changed the settings back. when i click the query button now it just says failed or it shust down IE. i still have the desktop with vista, im gonna try the right click trick. then im gonna try rebooting the DVR and the laptop and anything else i can reboot. very frustrating when something worked perfectly…then it stops.

Try running IE as an Administrator. Backing up video, especially on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, need admin privledges in IE to actually save the video correctly. Also, try opening the DVR’s page in Compatibility View. That should stop IE from crashing.

This started happening to me as well. Download video to desktop and the file doesn’t appear. I run the web browser as admin.

My solution was to create a folder on C:\ and assign modify permissions to “users”