Time stamp keeps losing 1 hour


I have multiple cameras including the 5ghz wifi cameras. The 1080p poe cameras I have 1 camera V it set to same time zone but after about a day or so its exactly 1 hr behind the others.

This is really fustrating as it changes the event notifications and has the wrong time listed for the cameras.

I can reboot the cameras and the time stays correct for about a day and then at some point it jumps back an hour.

Its only 2 cameras that seem to do this, both which are the newer POE 1080 cameras.


Log into the zmodo app, select live view of the camera you need to change the time to, go to the wrench on the top right corner, then hit the 3 horizontal dots button and tap on the device timezone option. Select your time zone and hit save.
Hope it helps.


The time zone is set correctly and is the same as all the other cameras. It however changes after about 24 hours of being on, it still stays correct in the settings but the recorded time stamp on the view is wrong


What about trying the same option on the NVR? Is there any way you can check or let you modify the time?