sPOE - third party cameras possible?


I soon have a ZP-KC1T08-S sPOE NVR.

Since the IR of the included cameras is quite weak and they are of fixed wide focal length, I’d like to use different cameras for two of the eight channels.

The documentation states that the system is not only ONVIF compatible but supports a sheer plethora of network protocols.

Is it possible to connect third party ip cameras (non-POE) to this nvr?

If the built-in camera ports don’t support this (because of a non-standard Ethernet/POE implementation), how about putting these other cameras on the LAN side of the NVR? Will it be able to find them on the network…?



This NVR can connect to Zmodo cameras that are connected to the same LAN (router) as the sPOE NVR, however the NVR uses a Zmodo-specific video codec, so I am sorry to say that it will only detect IP cameras that were made by Zmodo.

Hre are a few cameras that will populate on the sPOE NVR if connected to the same LAN as the sPOE NVR:


You can punch any of these SKU numbers into an Amazon search and they’ll show up for sale on Amazon.


Are there any other cameras like this, maybe 1080p or 3k that we can use? Also some of those you listed are not sPOE that means they must be connected via router regardless.


I tried to install an Asecam 1080 POE camera into the Zmodo NVR but couldnt get it to work? Im trying to read car license plates and the cameras I have are 720 and the NVR records 960 so I thought a 240 jump in lines would improve that a bit. The Asecam camera has an external power source plug which my Zmodo cameras dont. I tried to manually input the Asecam in and could put in the IP address and the port but the MAC was left blank. I only get a black screen Thx for ur help