Snap Pro and Hub Issues

I purchased the 2 camera Snap Pro set. Both cameras have the wifi connectivity issues if they are placed more the 15-20 feet away from the hub. Everything I read said batteries should last months. Mine lasts less the 36 hours. This may be due to it constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to wifi.This of course defeats the whole purpose of having a totally wireless camera. When either camera is beyond this distance they constantly disconnect and reconnect. I can watch the lights on the cameras cycle through from green, to flashing blue then back to solid blue. For the short time the camera is connected at that distance, there is a more than 10 second delay in the live feed. This makes the talk feature useless. Whichever camera that is placed less than 10 feet away from the hub works as it should for a short time. Then the hub goes off line, and I have to power it off and back on to start this whole mess over again. I have other spoe cameras and wireless cameras that still work perfectly. Zmodo reached out to me about this issue saying they would be back in contact. That was several days ago. Are my issues isolated, or is anyone else with these new devices having similar issues?

have thought of adding an extender to the system so the cameras do not have to keep searching for the modem. i do not have battery systems but my cameras would drop out all the time until i added an extender. i have no clue how most setup but the netgear i have attached easy enough to my netgear modem had to go to netgear to get them to connect and i gave them the same name they showed up as ext1 and ext2

I shouldn’t need an extender seeing how the hub is within 10ft of the router. The both cameras are less than 25ft from the hub. Zmodo sent me a new system. The cameras connect to the new hub perfectly now. However, the hub goes off line frequently. The battery life on these improved from around 30-36 hours to 2 to 3 days. Still nothing like they are advertised to last. The charger also take hours to charge the battery which means you have no video coverage during that time. I’m testing this system for a little longer and if the issues persist, I will be contacting Zmodo again. I was on the last call for about an hour. They put me in contact with a supervisor in Zmodo Lab since this system has not been placed on the general market yet. They have only been sold through Kick Starter. As off now, I wouldn’t recommend this system to anyone. This is the first Zmodo device that I have not been satisfied with.

lol, ALL of the companies that claim you get months are basing it off of some “average usage” stats. Typically only a few minutes per day total. The real life application on all these brands is typically a few days, IF.

If you have one of these battery powered cameras outside, you are going to have to change the motion settings to almost nothing, otherwise it is going to pick up WAY more motion than their “average usage” stats, and the battery lasts only a few days.

So I suggest modifying the motion settings to block out trees, bushes, roads, sidewalks, and the sky.

Batteries taking hours to charge is just the nature of the beast. They look like they are planning to sell spare batteries at some point. As long as those are a relatively simple lock and load they should solve your problem.

If you need 24/7 365 recording that is more than 80% reliable, any surveillance expert is going to tell you that wireless technology hasn’t come far enough yet. Only wired systems can be trusted.


This is the only thread that mentions the new Zmodo Snap Pro so I thought I would share that I’ve learned about Snap Pro in my use. The ability to control the motion detection area that is required for any high motion environment, e.g. a city side walk, is a future feature. This was unexpected because my other two Zmodo products do support that.

Besides not capturing the useful events, this omission has the side effect of consuming the battery in 24-48 hours. The cam behavior basically devolves into simply capturing a 10sec clip every 10min.

Might be useful info to other Snap Pro users. Thanks, -Mike

I had the same issue. The last update on the hub and Snap Pro cameras helped a bit. The main issue for me is that the cameras and hub constantly go offline. The hub is within 5 feet of my router and the furthermost camera is less than 20 feet. Zmodo support says they are familiar with both issues and their development team is working to solve both issues. Hopefully they will. At this point this system is pretty much useless when it comes to home security.