SKU: ZS-2008-B-1TB: No iPhone alerts in Zmodo App


I have the 1080p wired sPoE security camera system (SKU: ZS-2008-B-1TB). I am unable to get any alerts on my iPhone using the Zmodo application for the wired sPoE cameras, however I do get alerts for the (2) wireless cameras (SKU: SD-H2601) that I added to the system. I am unable to make any changes to the wired sPoE cameras via the Zmodo app (firmware, timezone, Device Name) and maybe that is by design to only manage that through the NVR. I did run the latest update through the NVR. I can see the motion alerts in the logs of the NVR system, just no alerts through the iPhone Zmodo app.Only alerts set up are in the away mode. Thanks for any help/information.