Setting up the zp-1bt15-w funlux

i just got this camera and set it up on the app, but it would be nice to have it usable on the tiny cam manager app. i see the zp-1br13-w on the tiny cam app under the zmodo camera types so they must be able to run on that app. has anyone tried to run this cam on tiny cam app yet? if not can anyone tell me the ip address these normally use and the ports they normally use and what username and password they use. now it may be my system will assign a ip address but not port or user name and password. if i can get them i may b able to have tiny cam locate the camera and then i can put in the port and user name and password to see if i can get it to run. thanks for the help

Due to security issues and the cloud service, Zmodo removed this feature. The Tiny cam Manager is a great app.

yes it is but i can’t find my cam on this app yet. anyone using tiny cam for the zp-1bt15-w camera? they have the zp-1bh13-w but not the one i need. tiny cam will sometime work with cross over cameras. but i need to then find the port this one uses and i think the default username and pw is admin 111111 but i need to find the port they use also.

but if anyone is using the zp-1bt15-w camera on tiny cam app feel free to tel me the settings your using outside of your user name and password so i can see if i can get mine hooked up. thanks

You wont be able to see your cameras using Tiny Cam. Zmodo removed the feature of viewing cameras on other apps when they implemented their cloud service. Lots of customer complained about this. Check out the forums.

thanks i still see my zmodo dvr on tinycam but i’m not using zmodos app i have the dvr wired to the modem and port forward so the modem sees the camera and all 8 i can see home or away. to bad they took the funlux out as that camera works the best of all the ip cams i have. i would get more if they allowed tinycam to run them but now all i have is 1 and that now is just looking at the washer and dryer so i know when they have stopped running. poor use for such a nice cam but i hate changing apps to see my cams.

i have other cams on tinycam but they drop out so i’m thinkig of getting a zmodo system for the inside cams and do the same for them so i can keep tinycam up and see all the cams good without dropouts. i would rather do that with the funlux cams but oh well.

I would use my zmodo cameras on tinycam as well but i was only able to see them on 640 X 480 resolution. I was never able to view in HD. But good to hear that you are able to use the app

i like the fact that i can see all of them on one screen with tinycam but i have no idea what the resolution is how do you tell? the wifi ip cams look the same resolution as the zmodo cams do in the app and my cams are at least 720p one is 1020p? the app is looks the same i compared them on the pc and the tablet and my phone at full picture i get on each device. that is as far as the field i see anyway. they all show the same amount of area.

i asked patty if she had any idea if the ZM-KW2003-1TB-RE unit would work with tinycam if i connected it the same as the zmodo dvr i have setup now. maybe you know if it will work the same. thanks bp.

its called capitalism. no excuse for that idea. many of us want to monitor our own security and can do a better job of it.

not quite sure if your agreeing with me or not. but i want to be able to see what is going on around my place when i’m gone for the house. if for no other reason that to watch the dogs play in the house. thanks